Mt. Auburn, Lower Price Hill to receive Neighborhood Enhancement Program

Mt. Auburn, Lower Price Hill to receive Neighborhood Enhancement Program

MT. AUBURN, OH (FOX19) - Mt. Auburn and Lower Price Hill are receiving a facelift thanks to the City of Cincinnati, local banks and non-profit groups.

The Neighborhood Enhancement Program's goal is to improve the quality of life in areas that need the rebeautification. The two neighborhoods were picked after city leaders analyzed several factors including, vacant buildings, code violations, crime hot spots and drug arrests.

"On behalf of Lower Price Hill and the residents I'd like to thank the City and their partners for choosing us," said member of Lower Price Hill Community Council Tony Thomas.

More than $200,000 will be pumped into these neighborhoods to help clean up the streets, sidewalks, vacant lots and an attempt to spruce up public areas with landscaping.

It's going to make it way better for the children," Mt. Auburn resident Thomas Mixon. "They'll be able to grow up in a safe environment. Safer than it is now."

Resident Carol Gibbs is happy officials are focusing on drug arrests. She said heroin is a huge problem in the Mt. Auburn neighborhood and is happy a clean up is coming.

"We are all real excited," Gibbs said. " We'll have to get a community group together to decide what we want, but we have a lot of buildings that have been abandoned that need to be renovated and have families move into."

The Neighborhood Enhancement Program has also helped Avondale, Westwood, Northside and Ove-the-Rhine in the past.

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