Rob Williams: My Review of FitBit

A lot of people got FitBits for Christmas. In fact, it was the most downloaded app on Christmas Day. This indicates that many could not wait to set up their FitBit after unwrapping them.

I was among those enthusiasts and have been obsessed with it for more than a month now.

Here's my take on the fitness tracker.

FitBit monitors your daily steps, heart rate, calories burned and even your sleep.

I find it incredibly useful to track my fitness throughout the day.

If I'm behind on my steps, I can go for a walk. I can monitor my heart rate when I workout, and gauge if I'm pushing hard enough. I think it makes users more aware of our fitness progress.

Often, we over estimate how much or how hard we are working out. We also underestimate how much we eat. I find the FitBit stops you from lying to yourself.

You can also involve your FitBit wearing friends. A friendly competition over the number of steps a week. Kara's husband is among my friends list. I by the way have come out on top 4 weeks running.

Here's the most enlightening thing for me. FitBit show me how much sleep I don't get. It also shows the poor quality of that shortened sleep. FitBit automatically logs how much you sleep. It also shows how restless you were, and how many times you were awake.

I have now made better sleep a focus. Something I would not have done without my FitBit.

Hopefully, it won't be like many gym memberships that go unused after the first couple of months of the year.