Tax Breaks

Mayor says every job creator should get tax break

Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken says he will propose an incentive plan that would automatically give tax breaks to companies that create jobs in the city.

Luken says he's tired of seeing companies that want to expand in Cincinnati having their integrity questioned by City Council. Luken's proposal -- which he calls the Job Creation Act -- would end a system in which City Council gets the final vote on every tax incentive granted by the city. Instead, the city manager would automatically grant tax credits for companies that create jobs in the city. The city would refund to the company half of the two percent earnings taxes paid by employees for five years. Luken says the program would be the first of its kind in Ohio. He hopes to use it to market the city to outside companies and encourage existing companies to expand.

Democratic council member Alicia Reece says she's skeptical of allowing unelected officials to sign off on tax breaks.