Massive starling flock seen twisting, turning in Springboro

Massive starling flock seen twisting, turning in Springboro

SPRINGBORO, OH (FOX19) - Starlings flocking together create a sight of fluid formations in the sky as if they are shape-shifting dark clouds.

A starling murmuration pulsates through the sky, drawing in thousands of birds at times.

Some find it to be a dazzling aerial spectacle while others find the birds to be pests.

FOX19 NOW viewer Scott M. posted a video to our Facebook page displaying a starling mumuration of epic proportions in North Warren County near the south edge of Springboro.

"This is a plague, becoming a serious health issue and we don't know how to get rid of it," wrote Scott. "It's making a huge mess of our house and the surrounding properties."

Senior scientist at the Peregrine Fund Grainger Hunt, however, marvels at the birds each responding to its neighbor simultaneously.

"Look at how each performs within the near-perfect fluidity of the formation, and with never the tangling of wings," wrote Hunt.

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