CVS to offer heroin antidote in Ohio stores

CVS to offer heroin antidote in Ohio stores

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A drug store chain is set to announce that it will make an antidote for heroin overdoses available at its Ohio stores.

The Blade newspaper reports that CVS pharmacy officials, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and the White House national drug policy director will discuss Monday during a community forum at the University of Toledo how CVS stores will begin carrying naloxone, also known as Narcan.

"We'll we are very excited about this announcement by CVS that they are going to start carrying in their retail stores naloxone," stated Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. "Of course naloxone is this amazing drug that's been around for a long time."

The antidote has becoming increasingly available to the public in recent months as Ohio's heroin and opiate epidemic continues unabated. The drug is administered as an inhaler or with an injection and can reverse the breath suppression effects of opioids.

Ohio Department of Public Safety records show that naloxone was administered nearly 13,000 times around the state last year.

"It's sad that they have to do that, it's sad that we have so many people that are overdosing in Ohio and across the country," stated DeWine. "You know we lose three to four people every single day in Ohio."

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