New crime plan to reduce violence in Cincinnati

New crime plan to reduce violence in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Police Department will implement a new violence reduction plan called the Place-Based Investigations of Violent Offender Territories (PIVOT).

Police Chief Eliot Isaac has been very busy since removing the interim Police Chief tag developing this strategy.

It's a long term way to fight crime in Cincinnati that has a major focus on where it happens based on data.

The plan deals with:

  • Identify long-standing violent locations;
  • Investigate networks of contributing factors and prolific offenders;
  • Using a focused deterrent strategy of integrated resources to disrupt social place and offender networks; and
  • Monitoring and sustaining crime reductions by building victim, resident and business resiliency.

Chief Isaac says there is approximately 20 hotspots that includes convenient stores, abandoned buildings, and even gas stations, drives most of the violent crimes in Cincinnati.

Wonda Bingham is a resident of Mt. Airy and feels targeting hangout spots could make innocent community members feel like the victim.

"It makes us feel like we can't even be outside," said Bingham. "You know two or more together, oh we a gang, and just because we're together doesn't mean there's criminal activity."

While Wonda hopes for the best, the president of Westwood Civic Association, Mary Jenkins, says she hears a different tune from Westwood residents.

"He talked about issues of loitering and worry on the part of a business owner," said Jenkins.

Mary goes on to say if this plan work it will make Cincinnati better.

"I want my neighborhood improved for my children for my neighbors' children."

This plan is supposed to be in place by the end of this February.

You can view the full plan here.

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