Police: Shooter Used Grandfather's Car

Police say teen used grandfather's police car, gun belt, vest, in shootings

Authorities in Minnesota are providing a clearer picture of just what happened yesterday afternoon, as a teen-ager killed nine people -- including his grandfather -- before taking his own life.

FBI spokesman Michael Tabman says it began at the home of the grandfather -- a police officer. Tabman says after 16-year-old Jeff Weise killed the man and his wife, he took the grandfather's bulletproof vest and gun belt, and drove to the local high school in the slain man's police cruiser. Tabman says Weise killed an unarmed security guard and then made his way down a hall, where he shot a number of students and a teacher. Five of those students and the teacher died.

Weise eventually shot himself after being confronted by several police officers who had entered the school.