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Little girl melts down at news of groundhog's forecast


While most of the world breathes a sigh of relief at Punxsutawney Phil early spring prediction, one Clermont County girl isn’t pleased with the groundhog’s forecast.

5-year-old Eliza Miller was distraught at finding out Phil didn’t see his shadow. Her mom, Beth, busted out her camera after breaking the news of springtime's early arrival. 

“I don’t want spring, I want winter,” Eliza shouts, tears streaming down her face.

Beth uploaded the video of Eliza’s the heartbreakingly adorable tantrum to Facebook.

“I think her love for Frozen has everything to do with her love for winter and snow and ice,” said Beth. “She likes to pretend she has ice powers and she likes to try to "freeze" us.

Eliza can still hold out some hope for a longer winter. Ohio's Buckeye Chuck did, in fact, see his shadow and that means another six weeks of winter. 

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