Kids and the Media

A new study says kids are spending 6 and a half hours a day--46 hours a week-watching tv, surfing the internet, and playing video games. 
    Except for sleeping that's more time than they spend on any other activity including going school!    It's the equivelant of a full-time job.
     The study conducted by the Kaiser Family Fundation says on average kids from 3rd through 12th grade read for 45 minutes , watch almost 4 hours of tv,  and spend nearly 2 hours a day listening to music, playing video games, and surfing the internet.
  Lakota's freedom elementary principal Keith Kline worries school work, social development,  and health suffer from too much media.

"We know it's important that they're getting exercise we have a terrible obesity problem in this country at this point," said Kline.
     The study finds most parents don't set rules when it comes to their kids media use and those who do set rules, don't enforce them.