Wenstrup keeps Clermont GOP endorsement despite vote

Wenstrup keeps Clermont GOP endorsement despite vote

BATAVIA, OH (FOX19) - Dozens packed into the Clermont County Republican Party Headquarters Wednesday night for a special vote.

The issue: Should Congressman Brad Wenstrup continue to receive the party's endorsement?

The meeting was called after Central Committee members say Wenstrup went against the party's wishes in several recent votes, including his support for Speaker Ryan's spending bill. That vote specifically has prompted some to question how conservative the congressman really is.

"He knows where we stand on this," said Paul Odioso, a committee member representing Miami Township. "We need people to walk the walk on the Hill."

Aware of the vote, the congressman issued a letter to committee members.

"I'm proud to be your endorsed candidate for Congress. While I know there are some dissident voices who claim I'm not conservative enough, I urge you to review the facts and continue to support my campaign," said Representative Wenstrup. "Repeatedly, I've responded to claims that some have made against me. I've taken multiple opportunities to meet with committee members and other GOP leaders. I've answered the questions. I've debunked the claims and conspiracy theories. But still, some persist."

The final vote tally was 58 for keeping Wenstrup's endorsement, 57 against. However, under the rules 60%, or in this case 12 additional votes, were needed to revoke the endorsement.

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