'Confederate flag house' stirring controversy in Loveland

'Confederate flag house' stirring controversy in Loveland

LOVELAND, OH (FOX 19) - The house at 1818 West Loveland Avenue is hard to miss. 
Confederate flags line the front of the home and according to neighbors, they attract a lot of unwanted attention.

"I started noticing people were driving by, taking pictures, screaming," said Rebecca Rafanan, who lives next door. "You are kind of asking for that reaction. Stirring the pot by putting that out." 
This week alone Loveland Police say they've been called to the home twice for vandalism. The most recent incident included the word "racist" spray painted onto the garage door.

Loveland resident Kari Davis says that kind of reaction is not surprising, considering what many feel the flag represents.

"The north fought for slaves to be freed. I get that it's more heritage, not hate, but in the north, I view it more as hatred," she said.

Davis is not alone Loveland officials say they have received complaints about the display and as a result conducted an investigation.

However, City Manager Dave Kennedy said the resident is within his rights.

"We have looked into the situation quite extensively and we have determined there is simply no action that the city can legally take," added Kennedy. He said it comes down to freedom of expression.

FOX19 NOW went to the home in an effort to talk with the resident who neighbors say rents the property. He wasn't home, but our crews was greeted with a sign reading "trespassers will be shot".

"It's just bringing a lot of drama, that's unneeded it's not necessary to invite that," said Rafanan. 
Loveland Police said they are still investigating the reported vandalism. At this point, no one has been charged.

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