Local father of Oregon protester speaks out

Local father of Oregon protester speaks out

CLERMONT COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - The federal government has indicted 16 people during the Oregon Stand-off. Two of those 16 are from the Tri-State area, including Peter Sintilli of Cincinnati and David Fry of Clermont County.

Fry's father Bill spoke with FOX19 NOW and said he was proud of his son but also admitted he's concerned about his son's safety.

"We are praying like crazy for something to happen in a positive way," Fry said.

Bill Fry told FOX19 NOW that he supports his son and what he is doing.

"Most Americans, like my son, believe our country is heading in the wrong direction," Fry said. "He believes it so strongly he is willing to stand up with the hope that these actions might wake the nation up and lead others to get involved to change our country's course.  I hope that every American will understand the purpose for his actions and not just look at the distorted, unfavorable press and optics of this action.  We are still hoping and praying to welcome our son home safely.  America pray with us please. "

On our broadcast we quoted Fry as saying, "My son's purpose is that he thinks his son is going in the wrong direction." The correct statement should have read he thinks,  "his country is going in the wrong direction."

Oregon militia leader Ammon Bundy's father is ordering protesters to stay put as they occupy that federal wildlife refuge.

Protesters took over the refuge on Jan. 2, denouncing federal land policy. Bundy and 10 others were arrested last week after one of the protest group's most prominent members was shot dead by a law enforcement officer.

Fry doesn't know when his son will be coming home and told FOX19 NOW he speaks to him as much as he can.

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