Erlanger deli stirs up controversy over animal slaughtering

Dixie Meats controversy (VIDEO)

ERLANGER, KY (FOX19) - There is controversy cutting up parts of Erlanger about a store that also slaughters animals.

Some neighbors are concerned about Dixie Meats, but the owners say they follow the rules.

The shop owner was worried he was being criticized because he is a Muslim, while residents say they were just hoping proper protocols were being made.

FOX19 NOW spoke with one of the residents who lives behind the store. He and others took their concerns about the store to City Council saying their concern was whether the place was legal being inches away from a residential neighborhood.

"And if we are smelling odors in my opinion something is not done right," he said.  "The issue to me living in the city we don't odors smelling up our house. That's the only issue. We hear the animal we see the animals."

It turns out Dixie Meats is legally zoned in the area according to city officials and got scored 98 percent on a recent inspection in December. FOX19 NOW's Michael Baldwin spent about an hour in the store and said he didn't smell any animals.

The owner Mohamed Ahmed feels the 4 to 5 people who went to city council used smells as a code word because his store caters to Muslims.

"My suggestion is they complain because the sign outside the store - It's an Arabic sign," said Ahmed.

Ahmed said he caters to about 3,000 Muslims that live in the area and they sell Halal meat, which requires animals be killed in a way agreeable to Islamic law.

According to reports, the shop received a 98 out of 100 on their last inspection.

While FOX19 NOW was there, two animals were killed. The owners said they did that to prove a point.

"So you didn't hear any noise and you didn't smell anything so you be the judge of that," said El Hassen Mohamed. "If there is anything smell-wise you are more than happy to share it with the public that's why your here basically."

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