Study: Sexual violence increases following Super Bowl

Study: Sexual violence increases following Super Bowl

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A new study suggests incidents of violence increase following the Super Bowl.

There's a nearly 50-percents spike in calls for service about sexual violence and in the vast majority of those calls drugs or alcohol is involved.

"In this instance there's a lot of alcohol consumption," said President and CEO of Women Helping Women Kristin Shrimplin.

That's where officials see a huge spike and increase in what is called drug-facilitated sexual assault.

"Someone when they're intoxicated are legally not capable of giving consent so then when sexual activity occurs it's sexual assault and a lot of times with alcohol there can be coercion and violence that's resulting," stated Shrimplin.

Shrimplin said often times the violence goes unreported or the victim is blamed.

"It's incredibly difficult for survivors to come forward because what we have historically is when a survivor comes forward and says I've been sexually assaulted, I've been raped typically the response is what did you do why did you let it happen," she stated.

A survivor of violence and founder of the group She's Healed Victoria Morgan said there are ways to avoid the situation.

"It's hard to tell someone OK well don't watch the game with this person because they're going to act like this," stated Morgan. "If you expect something to happen have a plan so the game is over maybe you go to a parent's house for the night or maybe you go to a relative's house."

Shrimplin said she wants to make it clear that it's not the Super Bowl or alcohol that causes sexual violence, but they may be catalysts the perpetrator.

"It is a choice to be violent and engage in activity where there's no consent and so the accountability is never on the survivor," she said. "The accountability is on the individual who chooses to be violent."

In Ohio non-consensual sex is rape and it's a first degree felony with a penalty of up to ten years in prison.

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