Recipe: Valentine's Day chocolate mousse

Recipe: Valentine's Day chocolate mousse

Impress that special someone with this chocolate mousse recipe from Barresi's this Valentine's Day.

Chocolate mousse (makes 3-4 cups)

What you'll need:

½ lb semi-sweet chocolate chips

2 tblsp white corn syrup

2 egg whites

3 oz granular sugar

1 cup heavy cream

¼ cup confectioners sugar


Melt chocolate chips and combine with syrup, allow to cool

Combine egg whites adding granular sugar slowly while beating to stiff peaks

Add this egg white(meringue mixture) to the chocolate and corn syrup

In a mixer/or hand beater combine heavy cream and confectioner's sugar; again beating this mix to stiff peaks

Add whipped cream mix to chocolate mixture

Refrigerate for approximately 2 hrs in shallow pan before  serving