Cincinnati PD appoints second female Assistant Chief in the department's history

Second female assistant chief (VIDEO)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Police have three newly appointed Assistant Police Chiefs and one Executive Assistant Chief.

David Bailey, who was a former Assistant Chief, will now serve as the new Executive Assistant Chief, a position current Police Chief Eliot Isaac held. Michael John, Paul Neudigate, and Teresa Theetge are all new Assistant Chiefs.

Theetge is the second woman to become and Assistant Chief in the history of the Cincinnati Police Department. She has been with the department for 25 years and says she's perfect for this position.

She has been a captain for the last eight years, but she's worked in the Central Business District Over-The-Rhine, and the homicide criminal investigation section.

"I've done everything the men on this job had to do to get where they are," said Theetge. ""So I think side by side I'm just as good of a candidate if you take gender out of it,"

She adds this is more than just an accomplishment for herself.

Theetge has seven brothers and sister. Four of siblings are also in law enforcement in the region, her son is a deputy in Boone County, and her father was a captain with the Cincinnati Police as well, but none have reached the rank she has of Assistant Chief.

Theetge said this serves as a teachable moment to her four children, especially her daughter, proving that anything is possible.

"My daughter sees that as a woman she can go out and accomplish, even with a family, professionally she can accomplish anything she wants."

She adds that her perspective will serve the department and the City of Cincinnati well.

"When it comes to the female perspective, when we're sitting around the table and discussing what issues we need to work on or where we're headed, I think diversity is good. So as many perspective as you can get leads to a better conversation."

Chief Isaac says it's important to have a team that all pull in the same direction to improve the crime situation in Cincinnati.

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