#BagSearch2016 officially over; Dalton gets his bags back

#BagSearch2016 officially over; Dalton gets his bags back

FOX19 - Bengals QB Andy Dalton used the power of social media to get his bags back.

Dalton said two black suitcases fell out of his truck on his way to Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport and are somewhere alongside the highway. He even came up with his own hashtag - #bagsearch2016.

The Pro Bowl QB officially ended the search around 8 p.m. Wednesday night when a man named Robert found his bags.

Minutes after posting the tweet, several people began trolling him with pictures of suitcases.

Some of the tweets were possibly from salty Bengals fans.

Even though it may be a long shot to see his luggage again, he appreciates the people of Twitter on spreading the word about his rough morning.

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