Man-made diamonds vs. real diamonds

Man-made diamonds vs. real diamonds
Can you see a difference? (FOX19 NOW)
Can you see a difference? (FOX19 NOW)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Science is giving Mother Nature a run for her money – and at a major discount too.

Man-made, laboratory diamonds are chemically the same as diamonds found in nature. Think of them as a mined diamond's long-lost identical twin.

The major difference? Laboratory diamonds take about eight weeks to create and typically cost 30 to sixty percent less than a mined stone.

Pure Grown Diamonds, one of the largest producers of lab-made gems, say growing a diamond begins with a carbon seed placed inside a microwave chamber. It's blasted with hydrogen and methane gas before bling is born six to twelve weeks later.

Monmouth jewelers in Newport has been selling Pure Grown lab diamonds for a few months. Owner Scott Levinson says these diamonds are actually less damaging to the environment than mined diamonds.

He also touts the diamonds as ethically sourced. Because they're made in a lab, they are guaranteed conflict-free.

Other jewelers aren't so sure about lab diamonds. Many say there's no substitute for the "real-thing."

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Lab diamonds cost about $4,225, according to Pure Grown. A mined diamond of the same size costs about $6,800.

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