2 charged for dog found starved to death in dumpster

2 charged for dog found starved to death in dumpster

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Two people in Hamilton were charged after a dog was left without food for three weeks and found dead in a dumpster.

A Butler County Sheriff Deputy dog warden on Feb. 5 responded to the 3200 block of Reflections Point in Hamilton for report of a deceased canine left inside a cage in a dumpster, according to Sheriff Richard Jones.

Officials said the dog was initially discovered when a resident was taking out the trash.

"The dog had a collar and a tag with a phone number that led us to the owner, Katie Schmuck," stated Kurt Merbs, deputy dog warden supervisor, in a release.

Schmuck, 21, admitted leaving the dog in the care of her friend, Jacob Goodwin, 21, while she was gone for a week.

Goodwin told the deputy dog warden he checked on the dog approximately three times but never let it out of his cage, according to a release. He and Schmuck admitted that the dog didn't eat for about three weeks.

Goodwin told officials he found the dog dead on the third visit to Schmuck's home.

"He took the dog, dead in the cage, across the street to a dumpster and disposed of it like common trash. The photos are just gruesome," said Sheriff Jones.

Schmuck and Goodwin were charged with cruelty to a companion animal, a misdemeanor.

"The saying 'I wouldn't treat a dog like that' has a new meaning after what I've seen today. It is disturbing what this poor animal endured. It basically starved to death in a small cage lying in its' own excrement.  I honestly think it's in a better place now.  I will never understand this type of cruelty," said Sheriff Jones.

Schmuck and Goodwin's cases are pending in court in the city of Hamilton.

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