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Denise Johnson: Making Reuben casserole


Sometimes cooking gets a little boring, so I am always looking for new and interesting dishes. I found this on a Facebook page called 12 Tomatoes. I will say my casserole didn’t turn out as pretty, but it was good. So I wanted to share.

Reuben casserole

6 slices rye bread, divided
1 pound pastrami or corned beef, thinly sliced or shaved
1 (14.5 oz.) can sauerkraut (1 bag)
4 cups Swiss cheese, shredded
1 cup milk
1/3 cup Thousand Island dressing
1/4 cup mustard
3 large eggs
2 teaspoons caraway seeds

  1. Preheat the oven to 350º F and lightly grease a 9×11-inch baking dish with butter or non-stick spray.
  2. Take four pieces of rye bread and cut them into cubes. Place remaining bread in food processor, pulse until you’ve got fine breadcrumbs and set aside.
  3. Spread cubed bread out along the bottom of your baking dish, then cover with 1/2 of pastrami. Top beef with sauerkraut, pickles, half of caraway seeds and 2 cups cheese.
  4. Cover with remaining beef, caraway seeds and cheese.
  5. In a medium bowl, whisk together milk, salad dressing and mustard, then beat in eggs until combined.
  6. Pour wet ingredients evenly over the casserole, then top with breadcrumbs.
  7. Place baking dish in oven and bake for 40-45 minutes, or until mixture is bubbly, top is browned and center is set.
  8. I served it with pickles on the side. 



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