Consider This: Local taxpayers make big statement

Consider This: Local taxpayers make big statement

FOX19 - Some local taxpayers made a BIG statement this week.  They fought their local school board and they WON!

On Monday night, Switzerland County, Indiana residents packed a school board meeting. They had a petition demanding change or they wanted certain board members to resign.

This all came about after a FOX19 NOW investigation revealed four board members voted themselves a health, dental and vision plan for $1 a year.  Three board members voted against the policy and refused to take the health benefits.

Turns out, this has been going on for some time.  Records show that since 2011, the school district spent almost 486 thousand dollars on health benefits for those same four board members.  To make matters worse, teachers in that district pay more than $10 thousand a year for their health insurance!

So what happens now?   The board voted unanimously on Monday night to end the $1 health care coverage...but not until 2017.

Consider This.  The community spoke.  Residents were fed up and they did something about it.   It's up to us to monitor our elected officials and hold them accountable.  School boards should be concerned about our schools, teachers and students not their cushy perks.

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