Former Lockland police officer recalls near shooting incident

Local police officer tells story of man who attempted to shoot him (VIDEO)
Keno Phillips in court (FOX19 NOW File Photo)
Keno Phillips in court (FOX19 NOW File Photo)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Former Lockland Police officer Matthew Kurtz tried make a routine traffic stop in September on a vehicle that had no plates.

"I went to pull over the vehicle, got behind it. The vehicle operator took off," said Kurtz, who is now with the Mariemont Police Department.

The driver of the vehicle was 40-year-old Keno Phillips. After a very short foot pursuit, things took a turn for the worst. Kurtz said Phillips pulled out a gun.

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"He stuck directly to my stomach. I heard the click of the firing pen going off," Kurtz said.

There was no bullet in the chamber, before he could try again officers were able to disarm Phillips.

"You start to think about your family and your loved ones and the things that you could have done. It just makes you feel blessed to be alive," Kurtz said.

The feds mean business when it comes to alleged repeat offenders. On Tuesday, 15 people, including Phillips were charged in federal gun cases. If found guilty, they will face federal time far away from familiar streets.
"It gives you some relief it gives you a little bit of closure to know that Mr. Philips is going to pay for what he did, said Kurtz. "It is disappointing because I feel like society anymore these days, it's just going downhill. It's frustrating as a police officer, because you're trying to help people save people and then you people who are out there like that, that want to take your life."

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