Ohio Primary voting guide

Ohio Primary voting guide
Voting is going off with no problems reported in St. Bernard early Tuesday. (FOX19 NOW/Sara Celi)
Voting is going off with no problems reported in St. Bernard early Tuesday. (FOX19 NOW/Sara Celi)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Here is the basic information you need to know before heading to the polls Tuesday for Ohio's Primary:

When and where do I vote?

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What's on the ballot?

Ohio voters have the chance to determine their party's front runner for the Presidential Primary Election. Ohioans can also vote on primary races for the U.S. Senate, 17 congressional contests and a number of local candidates, said Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted in a statement. The primary also decides the outcomes of 465 local issues in 82 counties.

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What kind of identification do you need to vote?

Ohio voters need to bring at least one form of identification to the polls. Acceptable identification includes a current Ohio Driver License, military identification, utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government or school document. Identifications like bank statements or utility bills should be dated within the past 12 months and show the voter's name and current address, according to the Ohio Board of the Elections.

What if you're unsure of your voting status in Ohio?

If you've moved to another state and vote in that state, you are not eligible to vote in Ohio. You're also not eligible if you've moved and intend to make that state your residence or if you've resided outside of Ohio for more than four years.

A college student can vote using their Ohio address if they don't plan on returning to another permanent address, according to the Ohio Secretary of State.

How does a voter receive assistance in voting?

A voter who cannot read, write or has a physical or mental disability can be assisted by someone of the voter's choice. A voter can also be assisted by two poll workers, one of each different political party, according to the Ohio Secretary of State.

What sites should you visit for official information on elections?

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