Boone Co. sheriff, KY AG warn of phone scams

Boone Co. sheriff, KY AG warn of phone scams

BOONE CO., KY (FOX19) - Scam artists are targeting Kentucky residents over the phone, claiming to be sheriff's deputies.

Boone County Sheriff Michael Helmig and Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear joined forces to alert Kentuckians of a growing number of phone scams. The law enforcement officials said sheriff's deputies do not contact residents over the phone concerning federal warrants, to ask for money, or to tell residents that they have an arrest warrant.

"Over the last month, my office and many sheriffs' offices have seen a huge rise in the number of scams bombarding Kentuckians," Beshear said. "By partnering with our local law enforcement agencies, we are warning consumers not to fall for these scams. These scam artists are using fear to prey on Kentuckians."

Boone County isn't the only part of Kentucky struggling with an uptick in phone scams. Sheriffs in Madison and Clark counties also recently reported "con artists claiming to be deputies in their offices when calling their residents to scam them," according to a news release.

Additionally, Fayette and Franklin county officials reported similar calls.

In Boone County, Helmig ordered detectives to review two possible cases of phone scams where the caller informed a resident there was an arrest warrant out for them or a family member.

"Joining with local prosecutors, we will use every method to stop these scammers," Beshear said.

Beshear and sheriffs ask consumers not to engage these callers and to contact the AG's Office of Consumer Protection at 888-432-9257 or their local sheriff's office.

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