In-car technology could prevent wrong way crashes

In-car technology could prevent wrong way crashes

FOX19 - Developers of a new in-car technology claim they could prevent more than 80 percent of wrong way crashes, saving lives like Jose Arenas'.

The 47-year-old was killed after wrong-way crash Wednesday morning on Interstate 71 in Cincinnati.

The other driver, 22 year-old Taryn Chin, has since been charged with two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide. Cincinnati Police said she was under the influence when the accident happened.

The company, Atkins, has developed an application that uses connected vehicle technology, which is essentially software that allows vehicles to communicate with one another. The Atkin's wrong-way application, can identify when a car is going the wrong way and send warnings to both drivers.

Atkins project manager Suzanne Murtha, says the warning type would be up to each auto manufacturer. "Some cars are going to beep. Some will have shaking seats.

Some might have a voice that says pull over to the left, you're about to have a crash," she explained. 
Atkins has been working to develop the technology since 1999. After years in the works, Murtha said it is ready to hit the market and being preventing crashes.

"With the type of technology, we can at least send warnings to all the drivers around them to have them move," she said.

The U.S. Department of Transportation is considering to mandate the technology in all new vehicles.

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