Found Money

New Hampshire couple gets back money lost in snowbank

Ken Blanchard of Croydon, New Hampshire, says the only thing of value he'd ever found on the ground was maybe a penny, until Wednesday, when he found a notebook containing thousands of dollars frozen in a snowbank near his home. Blanchard is one half of the story. The other is Ken Dandeneau. He's the fellow who lost the money. Dandeneau had withdrawn it in January for a new house. It was in a notebook which his wife put on top of their car thinking he'd grab it before they left. He didn't and it slid off. They went back later, but couldn't find it. Posters and a reward didn't work either. Enter Blanchard, who dug the notebook out of the snowbank this week, ran it under warm water and found the money inside. He went to the police and they called Dandeneau. Blanchard says he never considered keeping the loot. He got a big thank you, and a reward.