Archdiocese of Cincinnati comments on Pope/Trump war of words

XU students weigh in on Pope/Trump war of words

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - Donald Trump's latest controversy isn't playing out on a debate stage or even against a political rival.

In fact, it's not necessarily what he said that has people talking, but instead who it was addressed to.

Trump lashed out at Pope Francis after the Holy Father questioned Trump's Christianity.

During a visit to Mexico, the Pope told reporters that "a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the Gospel."

Trump responded calling the Pope's comments "disgraceful".

The war of words has since prompted a lot of political conversation, especially on the Xavier University campus.

"Just because he's the Pope, it doesn't mean he can't have an opinion or feel someone's not doing the right thing," one student told FOX19 NOW.

Meanwhile, there are those who say Pope Francis should stick to leading the church and leave Presidential politics alone. One FOX19 NOW viewer tweeted "I love Trump's honesty."

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati made the following statement:

Following his apostolic journey with the people of Mexico to whom he reiterated the Catholic Church's long held concern for the plight of migrants, Pope Francis was asked a question from a reporter about one U.S. political candidate's position on immigration policy.  As he often does when asked such specific questions to which he would not know the context, the Holy Father used the opportunity to provide instruction about what Christian discipleship entails for all of us.  He made a general observation that it is not consistent with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to only think of building walls and not bridges – of only separating people and not drawing them closer together in love and solidarity.  In fact, the Latin word for pope, "pontifex," means "bridge builder."  This is the calling of all baptized Christians.  The Vatican has affirmed that it was not the aim of the Holy Father to declare judgment on the specific candidate mentioned in the set-up by the reporter.  Nor did the Pope wade into the fray of U.S. electoral politics through a personal attack.

To read the entire transcript of the press conference click here.

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