Pothole season popping up in the Tri-State, city offers quick fix

Pothole season popping up in the Tri-State, city offers quick fix

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - This time of year, it's pretty hard to find a roadway that provides a nice, smooth ride.
Some would say we are now in the middle of pothole season.

"This street right here is absolutely awful," said Robert Kuyath while pointing out a street in Clifton he often takes.

"There's a lot of them around here," said Jacob Ruoff, who often drives around Clifton.

A new AAA study estimated this week that drivers fork out about $3 bill a year to repair pothole-related damage.  They say pothole damage has cost drivers a total of $15 billion in repairs over the last five years.

"Area drivers get that sinking feeling every time they hit a pothole" said AAA spokesperson Cheryl Parker.  "They know there's a price to pay, and 16 million drivers across the country have had to pay for pothole damage to their vehicles in the last five years."
Parker added that, on average, American drivers report paying $300 to repair pothole-related vehicle damage.

"The pothole situation is pretty bad. I almost popped a tire the other day on one on MLK.  It's pretty deep," Ruoff told FOX19 NOW.

The situation isn't expected to get any better.

"With the weather warming up, folks are going to start to notice a lot more potholes across the city," said Daniel Rajaiah with Cincinnati Public Services.

The more you see, the more the city needs your help to fill the havoc-wreaking, car-wrecking holes.

"We have crews always ready always on the go," Rajaiah said.

The city is asking you help them through your cell phone by downloading their 'Fix It Cincy' app that allows you to report public services requests, such as potholes that need filling.

Public Services officials say once you report a pothole they expect to be able to get it patched in a week, maybe quicker.

"We rely on citizens to report these potholes," Rajaiah told FOX19 NOW.
There are other ways to report a pothole to the city, according to Rajaiah.  You can call 591-6000, or visit
If you do experience damage from a pothole, you can get paid for what happened.  You'll need to file a claim, depending on where it happens, and it varies by city and state.

Last year, FOX19 NOW broke down all the ways you can file a claim to try to recoup some cash from pothole damage.  To find out how you can file claims for the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana, click here.

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