Family Says Video Shows Police Mistake

For the family of Nikki Mechley, a few seconds of dark and grainy video is all the proof they need.

After seeing the cruiser cam video Friday afternoon, Mechley's father and husband both criticized the Cincinnati Police Department for what they called "failing to do their job."

Mechley's body was found Wednesday morning near the shoulder guard rail on southbound I-75. Nine hours earlier, around 10pm Tuesday, police were in the same area responding to a car accident. There was nobody in the car, so police thought the driver fled. The cruiser cam video from the second officer to get to the scene, shows him drive past something near the guard rail and stop about 40 feet later.

Even though the video doesn't clearly show what the officer drove past, Mechley's family says they know it's her. "[The police] didn't do their job, because otherwise they would've found her body on the road," her father, Francis Smith says. "How can we have faith in the police if they don't do simple things, checking to an accident to see if somebody else is hurt."

Cincinnati Police are not saying much about the accident, except that it was dark and raining Tuesday night, and hundreds of cars drove past Mechley's body without seeing her.

"She did not deserve to lay on the side of the road for nine hours," her aunt Rebecca Klaene says. "That's where our pain is."

The coroner says Mechley likely died instantly after being thrown from her car. A 911 call, apparently by a witness to her accident, said she lost control of her car and hit the median.