Family holds vigil for Morrow veteran pulled from river

Vigil for Aaron Burns (VIDEO)

MORROW, OH (FOX19) - Family members and friends gather outside of the Little Miami Family Church in Morrow.

There were hugs and tears as many cope with the news of Aaron Berns.

Berns' body was pulled from the Little Miami River Saturday.

Berns jumped into the River after a brief chase by officers on January 1st. He was considered a person of interest in connection to a fire.

Some described Berns as loyal and others recalled his childhood.

"He was a very sweet boy, a very intelligent; highly intelligent," said adoptive mother Conni Berns.

"Aaron was a delightful kid, I don't know if saw some of the pictures that are on the table, almost all those pictures I took," said adoptive father Jim Berns as he referenced a photo collage.

The collage captured some of Berns' happy moments as a child growing up. But those who knew him are left with heavy hearts.

"Particularly with the taps it was very moving, it was very sad because I know they just found him," said family friend Mary Friemoth.

Berns' family still wanted to hold the vigil Sunday evening hoping to spread the awareness about PTSD.

"In a way yes we have closure. But in a way it feels like we have more work to because, why did this have to happen to him; why did he have to end up this way?" said Connie Berns. "Maybe this will wake up somebody, somewhere to say we need to do something before young people come home and find out they can't adjust."

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