Gun Gets Past Airport Security

Some holiday travellers spent longer than expected at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport Sunday morning. Business in one terminal and three concourses came to a halt when a screener spotted a gun. It affected flights on Delta, Comair, Continental, and Northwest airlines.

CVG security officials tell us they'll review screening procedures this week, after a gun slipped through a passenger check point. Security never found the gun, nor the person who brought it through. The search delayed at least a couple-thousand passengers.

Throngs of airline passengers trying to get home on Easter, or start their Spring vacations, took a long delay in stride. Bonnie Herbert, who was trying to get home to New Orleans, told Fox 19, "It's no problem. We're just enjoying and meeting a lot of people, that's for sure."

Shortly after 7am, a hand gun went through a passenger check point in Terminal 3. By the time security saw the image on an x-ray screen, the gun and its carrier were gone. Federal Security Director Paul Wisniewski says screeners violated safety procedures, but he can not say how or to what extent. According to Wisniewski, "It occurred during a change between x-ray operators, which caused some confusion. And it appeared that whoever had the weapon went through the checkpoint."

After questioning - and ruling out - two potential suspects, security cleared out Terminal 3 to search every inch of it. Then they brought back passengers for re-screening. Officers did not find the gun, but Wisniewski insists it was not in the terminal, and did not make it onto an airplane.

Passengers we talked with say they felt safe, prefering a late arrival to something worse. Joyce Dickinson of Portland, Oregon, told us, "I would rather be safe than sorry later. I'm glad they take all the precautions they do to keep us all safe."

Wisniewski says the screeners involved in this incident will very likely face disciplinary action.