Respect for Cincinnati Chili

Respect for Cincinnati Chili
Online food blogger James Oseland (FOX19 NOW/file)
Online food blogger James Oseland (FOX19 NOW/file)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Thursday is National Chili Day, and around these part we love OUR chili.

I found a blogger online who is on a quest to try every variation of Cincinnati chili.

You can read it here:

People who don't call this area home are often confused by our chili.

It is an acquired taste for out-of-towners.

One out-of-towner loves our chili.  Not just any out-of-towner.  This one is James Oseland, the former the editor-in-chief of Saveur.

He is a fan of our chili.  What he recently wrote deserves another look on National Chili Day:

"I travel a lot all over the world, and I tend to eat pretty friggin' well," he wrote. "Whenever I finally get back home, I'm inspired to cook the foods of wherever I've been, whether it's Indonesia, Brazil, or, most recently, Cincinnati.

"To me, the best thing about the Queen City is its chili. The first time I visited, about five years ago, I paid a visit to an outlet of Skyline Chili, the most iconic place in Cincinnati to get that most iconic dish, though I was more than a little skeptical.

"Finely ground, heavily spiced chili on top of spaghetti, topped with kidney beans, a pile of shredded processed cheddar cheese, and a sprinkle of raw onion? It seemed more than a little goofy.

"But then I took a bite. My God, that stuff was out of this world! It was one of the best American foods I've ever eaten, everything I could want, all in one bite: savory, sweet, hearty, bright. Instant obsession.

"I came home from that first trip with my suitcase loaded down with cans of chili sold at the Skyline I visited, but after my most recent visit, I decided I needed to know how to make it myself," he wrote.

"The moment I landed in New York, I was thinking to myself, I am going to make this tonight. I had the taxi d rop me off at Whole Foods instead of at my apartment, so I could pick up the ingredients and get right to work.

"It turns out that Cincinnati-style chili is the perfect post-travel food: It comes together quickly and allows you time to unpack and settle in while it simmers and becomes even more delicious.

"But most important is the fact that it's just spectacularly delicious. The final product tasted like where I'd just been -- but it also tasted like home."

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