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Denise Johnson: It’s about protecting lives, not giving tickets

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Over the weekend I saw a post on Facebook from a police officer from Cold Spring, Kentucky.  He shared a video he made Saturday morning that he recorded from his cruiser of traffic on the AA Highway.

The officer had responded to a call out to help a motorist that was broken down on the side of the AA Highway.  As he sat there he was surprised by the amount of cars that continued to pass him and not change lanes or even slow down.  He posted this along with the video. 

 “This is a reminder to all motorists to please move over or slow down when you see any stationary emergency vehicles with lights activated on the side of the road. Doing so protects our fire and EMS crews, officers, tow truck operators and others. Not only is it a safe practice, but it's the law. We also ask that you extend this safety courtesy to disabled motorists who are on the side of the road.”

 After I watched the video and read the post, I thought that it was really cool of the officer.  He sent out this message just to remind us to move over for the safety of all involved, which could be you or I. That is why in many traffic situations emergency vehicles often block lanes no matter how minor the situation.

The police officer didn’t make a big deal that it is the Law.  They can give tickets for “Failure to Yield”, and that my friend can cost as much as $175 bucks.

Just so you know, the Law in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana requires drivers approaching in the same direction of any stationary emergency vehicle with flashing lights to switch lanes if possible or slow down to safe speed. 

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