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Kara Sewell: Makeup Lesson: Blend it Out


‘The difference between bad makeup and proper application is about 15 strokes; when in doubt blend it out!’ – Christi Schrieber, Colour Basis.

This was stated to me yesterday (regarding my obsession with blush) during a makeup session with Colour Basis, a company that specializes in working with on air news anchors and reporters. I met with Christi for about two hours this week to polish my routine; let’s face it we can all periodically use a refresher course to keep us up to date. Here are a few things I learned I could improve:

#1 Too much contour/incorrect placement – contouring powder should start in the middle of your ear and gradually slop along your natural cheekbone (suck those cheeks in) but should not go past your eye

#2 Use a lip liner all over – (sort of a no brainer) this prevents lipsticks or glosses from bleeding onto your face and requires fewer touchup throughout the day but avoid making the liner too harsh

#3 Natural eyebrows – (mine were too short)

Start Your Eyebrows:

Follow a straight line up from the corner of your nose to the inner corner of your eye.

End Your Eyebrows

Follow a straight line up from the corner of your nose to the outer edge of your eye.

We also played with colors and an out of this world HD stick concealer – goodbye dark circles! HD makeup is a little different than what I wear on the weekends, including color and application.

You may not have a makeup specialist coming to your office but there are plenty of spectacular consultants at your favorite beauty counters. I suggest booking an appointment with one of their reputable and experienced makeup artists and try something new.   

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