How to get the new Facebook 'Reaction' buttons

How to get the new Facebook 'Reaction' buttons

FOX19 - Your Facebook News Feed just got a lot more impressive - but also a lot more complicated.

Some users had trouble figuring out how to get the new 'Reaction' buttons - Facebook's latest feature that allows users to respond to a post with Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry, or the good 'ol fashion Like.

How to use Facebook reactions on an iPhone or Android mobile device:

You might need to completely close your app then reopen it for the new reactions to appear. Log back in and hold down the 'Like' button on a Facebook status. A popup with the six emojis should appear. Tap the reaction you want to use and it will be posted.

How to use Facebook reactions on a desktop:

Go to a post you want to react to and simply hover over the 'Like' button. The six reaction emojis will appear. Click on the one you want, let go and the reaction will be posted.

If you accidentally select the wrong reaction, don't worry! You can change undo or change a reaction by tapping on it.

Facebook has been working on this major change for more than a year.

"We will continue learning and listening to feedback to make sure we have a set of reactions that will be useful for everyone," the company said.

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