Ohio releases school report cards

Ohio releases school report cards

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The Ohio Department of Education released new state report cards Thursday.

The grades are based on state tests for the 2014-1015 school year - the first year Ohio measured students through new Common Core standards and PARCC test.

Several local schools received high grades in the students' progress, but poor grades when it comes to how many students passed the state tests.

Citing unstable testing standards, a Cincinnati Public School spokesperson said the report cards are problematic on several levels.

"Not only have districts had to contend with the implementation and subsequent repeal of PARCC, but there has also been a complete overhaul of the state's accountability system," a release from CPS states.

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District officials say the ever-changing landscape forces schools to explain data instead of strides made by students and teachers.

Gail Kist-Kline, Superintendent of Mason City Schools, says a school's value can't necessarily be judged by the report cards.

"State tests aren't capturing all the wonderful things that are happening.," said Kist-Kine. "We believe in accountability and we think the state report card has focused more on grading than on accountability."

She said a larger number of parents opted out of testing for their children last year.

What's being graded:

Indicators Met: Shows how many students passed the state tests.

Performance Index: Show how well students performed on state tests.

Four and Five-year graduation rates: Shows how many students graduated in the respective years or less.

Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO): Shows how the performance of student groups in my district or school compare to a state goal.

Value added grades: These grades reflect overall progress of students over a school year.

Districts, students and teachers are exempt from consequences tied to scores on these cards as Ohio transitions to new standards and tests.

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