Rescuers say cat swung by tail, left outside in Brown County

Rescuers say cat swung by tail, left outside in Brown County

BROWN COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - For a little 2-year old cat named Ava, life is anything but easy these days.

"She pretty much drags the back half of her body everywhere that she goes," said Janel Hemrick with Joseph's Legacy Rescue. Hemrick said Ava was found in Brown County with injuries tough to imagine.
"She was picked up by her tail.  She was swung around the person's head, and she was thrown outside because either her or one of the kittens had an accident on the floor," Hemrick said.  "She also has a broken tail from where they were holding on to her tail."

Animal abuse cases are on the radar of more than local law enforcement.  In January, the FBI launched plans to track animal cruelty cases alongside serious crimes like arson and homicide.  By tracking these crimes, the FBI wants to prevent other crimes, and help save more animals.

But, for Ava, despite some small improvements, her situation is serious.  The back half of her body is virtually non-functioning.

"Her spinal cord was not severed, which gave us hope.  However, it is basically corkscrewed," Hemrick explained to FOX19 NOW.

Ava has five small kittens that caretakers say were completely dependent on their mother when the incident occurred.

"It's very heartbreaking that someone could take a mom from their small babies.  Now, we're bottle feeding five babies," Hemrick said.

Hemrick told FOX19 NOW Ava has been in and out of different treatments to try to get her healthy again, but she still faces great uncertainty.

"She keeps fighting.  As long as she fights, we'll try to do the same thing," Hemrick said.

Hemrick said they have contacted law enforcement in Brown County, and have plans to involve the dog warden.  As for the five kittens, they are not up for adoption yet, but will be eventually.

For more about Ava's situation, or how you can help, visit Joseph's Legacy on Facebook.

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