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AAA Four Diamond Award: Nicola's recipe

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Cincinnati is home to four leading-edge restaurants named AAA Four Diamond award winners this year.

FOX19 is fortunate to have them in our studios to prepare one of their dishes featured at the award-winning restaurant.

Four Diamond restaurants account for just 2.3 percent of the more than 30,000 AAA/CAA Approved and Diamond Rated restaurants. 

Here is this year’s list of local AAA Four and Five Diamond award winners:

AAA Five Diamond Award
• Orchids at Palm Court
AAA Four Diamond Award
• The Palace Restaurant
• The Celestial Steakhouse
• Nicola’s
• Boca Restaurant
Nicola’s Recipe: Pappardelle / oyster mushroom / Chicken liver / Grana Padana

• Oyster mushrooms: roasted mushrooms, garlic, butter, thyme, shallot, salt, pepper, EVOO

• Foie emulsion: basically foie butter, mushroom stock, disintegrates into sauce

• Grana Padana: sautéed into sauce, and finished on dish

• Thyme leaves: tossed in after pasta is cooked
1.      Chicken livers- dry livers, then Sautee in extra virgin olive oil until cooked through. (around two minutes) Chill livers in refrigerator. Once chilled then blend with equal weight of butter. Ex: chicken livers weigh 1oz, add 1oz of
butter to match) Spread out in pan as evenly as possible.
2.      Mushrooms- Hand tear mushrooms. Heat pan, then add small amount of grape seed oil, (two TBSP) add small amount of mushrooms, then sautee. Once cooked around edges add a clove of garlic, a sprig of thyme, and a tablespoon of un-salted
butter. Stir constantly until golden. Strain off all fat and reserve mushrooms.
3.      Bring 2 ounces of vegetable stock to simmer in a large sautee pan. Once stock bubbles, add 2 ounces of liver butter. (At this point drop pasta in water) (fresh pasta, not dried) Once butter has melted, add mushrooms. Stir continuously.
(Add pasta when aldente) Allow pasta to cook in sauce for at least 30 seconds, add 1 ounce of pasta water to pan while sautéing. Once cooked, toss in a pinch of salt, one turn of cracked black pepper, 1 TSP of thyme leaves, and two ounces of grated Parmigiano



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