Rob Williams: A "Star" American Idol contributor

FOX - Remember that song "Slow Jam" by Midnight Star?  What about "Operator"?  "No Parking on the Dance Floor"?

The album on which these songs appear went on to go double platinum. I had that tape back in the mid-80s, and would wear it out  in my Sony Walkman.

Founding member and vocalist Belinda Lipscomb is now helping us by reviewing performances on American Idol this season.

In addition to being a vocalist, she is also a talented song writer.

In fact, the song slow jam was written in part by Lipscomb, other members of the band and Babyface.

Lipscomb also took her talents to the stage.

She's had several lead roles in musical comedies and gospel musicals.  You may also have heard  her voice on several national commercials including a series of spots for the popular Caribbean resort "Sandals."

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