Veteran Town Hall: "The VA Sucks... Period!!"

Veteran Town Hall: "The VA Sucks... Period!!"

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Concerned Veterans for America will host a rally and town hall at the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati.

There were about 50 to 60 veterans telling their stories about their issues they're having with the Cincinnati VA.

Jody Merrill is a mother of a veteran and shared her story.

"I'm a mother of a 29-year-old marine who took his life four years ago because the VA can't get it right," said Merrill.

Stories like these filled this room at the Millennium Hotel, but no one was more emotional and angry than Merrill.

"I walked in there and said my son is in trouble."

Her son Sergeant Curtis Fike suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Merrill says her son could have been saved, and she did everything she could to help.

"As a family member you can get any information, You can't give them any information," said Merrill. "I knew he was suffering. I saw what he was going through."

Merrill wasn't the only one with a story.

"I actually had to call the police to have them come down there," said veteran Shawn Edmison.

Edmison says his struggle was a little more personal and dangerous.

He says it all started when he asked for his a copy of his medical records.

"Then they completely tried to turn it around and make it in to a mental health case. I was literally being held at gun point by one of the security guards."

It was those stories that had the Concerned Veterans for America listening and pushing the VA Accountability Bill which would give the VA Department the power remove or demote a VA employee based on performance or misconduct.

But for now there's only anger.

Merrill says, "the VA sucks... period!"

Concerned Veterans for America say they will now hit the ground in Cincinnati asking veterans here to be more active and speak out.

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