Black Lives Matter rallies for Paul Gaston, Melvin Murray, Jr.

Demanding justice (VIDEO)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Black Lives Matter activists hosted a rally and protest Sunday at 3 p.m. near the campus of Western Hills High School.

The group is demanding justice for Paul Gaston and Melvin Murray, Jr.

"We can't continue to sit by and let this happen," said Brain Taylor, an organizer for the group.

He says the rally was prompted by the shooting of Paul Gaston on February 16th by Cincinnati police.

Black Lives Matter activists say the nine shots fired by police are criminal, and that the officers should be indicted for murder.

"This is institutionalized racism. This is one of the sharpest, can't make it up, examples that you see," said Taylor.

Black Lives Matter also demands answers for the family of Melvin Murray, a man who died on September 4, 2015, after striking a tree.

The group says police rear-ended Murray's car. "We have to understand as a society that that they're not going to stop doing this, until we make them stop doing this," said Taylor. FOX19 NOW spoke with family members of Paul Gaston about the rally on Saturday afternoon.

The family said they were not contacted by Black Lives Matter activists about the rally.

Lawrence Williams, Gaston's uncle, did release a statement.

"I think the mayor, the police chief, and the city manager have already made an assumption. They just left us in the air. The police wanted to shoot him. He didn't have a real gun," Williams said.

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