Union Township firefighter battling rare form of cancer

Union Township firefighter battling rare form of cancer

UNION TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A Union Township firefighter is battling a rare form of cancer, but he is not fighting alone as supporters attend a fundraiser to help the husband and father of three.

There was a strong show of support Saturday for firefighter Carl Murray inside the Fire Museum of Greater Cincinnati.

Back in December he was diagnosis with DPC, short for Digital Papillary Carcinoma, which is a rare, slow growing, malignant tumor.

"With particular type of cancer, we're hoping and praying that there are some research team out there, who might be able to put a handle on this," said Murray's father Bill Donovan.

Family members say there are only 88 diagnosed cases in the world, and amputation is just one of the ways to battle the cancer.

Murray is taking things in strides as he greets those who are not going to let him fight alone.

"When you hear the "C" word, cancer and you think you're dead and then to hear its rare," Murray said.

Murray admits there's been some though days but he has support close by, his wife Kristy is one of his biggest supporters.

"It's been hard. It's emotional," he said. "I don't know to see everybody here is unbelievable."

Carl is recovering after surgery, but hopes to return to work at some point.

"It's nice to see it, its amazing."

A donation page has been set up for the Murray family here.

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