College bans energy drinks over 'unsafe behavior'

College bans energy drinks over 'unsafe behavior'

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A college in Vermont claims energy drinks are linked to "unsafe behavior" and will ban on-campus sales of the beverages.

Dining Service officials at Middlebury College say energy drunks such as Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy will no longer be available for purchase at any of the College's retail locations.

According to the school's newspaper, a campus presentation argued that energy drinks "promote poor academic tendencies and foster a culture of stress." The decision will take effect March 7 and was announced in a handout circulated on campus.

From the Middlebury Campus paper:

"The flyer mentions scientific literature revealing a connection between energy drinks and unsafe behavior in young people, including "increased alcohol consumption, increased likelihood to drive while intoxicated, increased probability of use of other intoxicating substance and increased participation in high-risk sexual activity."

The ban does not prohibit students from purchasing the drinks at an off-campus location and consuming them on campus.

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