States cast votes for Super Tuesday

States cast votes for Super Tuesday

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Super Tuesday is the name given to the day when the largest number of U.S. states are given the chance to cast votes for Republican and Democratic candidates.  A total of 12 states and one territory will hold their respective primary's for both parties.

For Republicans, 595 delegates are at stake. For Democrats, there are 1,004.

Political experts say it's usually seen as a turning point in most presidential campaigns, and a predictor as to who the nominees will be from each party.  No doubt, it will clarify the future of the five remaining Republican candidates - Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, John Kasich, and Marco Rubio.

For Democrats, political watchers say it means a real stress test for the Bernie Sanders grassroots campaign.

Ohio's primary is March 15th.

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