Fake doctor notes for sale online

Fake doctors notes online (VIDEO)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Excessive absenteeism is a billion-dollar headache for U.S. employers.
But that doesn't stop those that "fake it" from faking it. In fact-- there's an entire industry built upon the concept.

A quick Google search, a few clicks and just like that... we found an online company, "Best Fake Doctors Notes Dot Net."

For $18 we bought 30 real-looking excuses, including notes from a "cardiologist," "gynecologist," and even an "oncologist." Everything from E-R discharge notes to notes for jury duty and confirming pregnancy and abortion are available.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports losses linked to absenteeism and working while sick cost employers more than 225 billion dollars a year. That works out to about $1,685 per employee.

FOX19 NOW legal analyst Mike Allen says while the whole idea may seem unethical, he can't think of a scenario where the company selling the notes would be liable.

"They can do it legally if they put a little disclaimer on there saying it's for novelty purposes."

But Allen cautions the person passing the fake note could face criminal charges, including forgery and falsification.

Can you tell that these notes are fake? Click here and here to see if you can tell the difference.