Maupin weighs in on Ruby/Trump tweet

CLERMONT COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - It's the tweet everyone's talking about.

Jeff Ruby says he's gotten death threats after taking aim at Donald Trump on social media.

On Tuesday Ruby posted "Tell @realDonaldTrump he's OJ'ed tonight @TheRealJeffRuby Steakhouse Louisville until apologizing to POWS.Aside from that enjoy our city." to Twitter.

FOX19 NOW reached out to Ruby, who explained that he took one of Trump's comments last July as an insult to Matt Maupin and his family.

At the time, Trump had been asked about Sen. John McCain. He responded, "he's not a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured okay?"

"I simply asked for Mr. Trump to apologize. And while he thinks those captured are not heroes, I think Matt WAS a hero. And while Mr. Trump likes the ones " that AREN'T captured" I liked Matt. And I never met him. He died serving my country that I love," wrote Ruby.

Keith Maupin, Matt's dad, said he isn't upset with Trump or Ruby. He says they are both outspoken men and he considers them both friends.

However, given the opportunity, Maupin said he'd gladly take Trump up on a face-to-face meeting. "I think I would like to talk to him and tell him about all those guys that are missing, because I don't think Trump ever served," he said.

Maupin started non-profit, "Yellow Ribbon Support Center" to support men and women serving our country, who are in harm's way and also to remember those who don't make it home alive.

If you would like to get involved or make a donation log onto  or call (513) 752-4310.

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