Copy-Gator crashes family's swimming pool

LAKELAND, FL (BAY NEWS 9/CNN) - Let's just call him a most unwelcome house guest.

You can imagine a Florida family's terror when they discovered a nine-foot alligator in their pool.

When Craig Lear went to his backyard patio to let the family's cats out, he noticed something strange in the pool.

"I saw a bubble in the pool and I thought a golf ball had come through the screen so I went up and didn't see a golf ball and looked in the deep end and there was a big gator," he said.

The Lears called a trapper, who removed the gator from the pool.

"He came out. He used a lasso effect, wrapped him up and it was pretty scary. At one point all the waves were rocking in the pool from just the gator thrashing in the pool but then he tired him out and hauled him and right out the door," said Laura Lear.

The gator had been hanging around the area for a while.

"Usually he sun bathes out around the island. Just once recently we have seen him over here on the fairway so it seems like he has been trying to relocate to another pond or something so our house got in the way," Craig Lear said.

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