What it's like sitting next to Rob Williams

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Rob Williams has sat across from me every morning for the past two years.

You really get to know someone when you sit face-to-face every day.

It's going to be so different without him. I am going to miss our conversations.

He is truly always interested and caring, always asking about my kids and my family.  He is truly a good guy.

I will really miss listening to the conversations he would have with himself.

I would always hear him say, "Now, what was I doing?"

I would laugh and reply that he needed to tell me before he forgot. Then I could remind him when he asked himself.

Rob starts his day off with a trip to Krogers to pick up food to get him through the morning.

He makes himself all kinds of food - and eats all morning long.

He eats everything from fish tacos, to shrimp fries.

He would often pick up treats to make for the morning crew.

One day he was making cookies for everyone, and he burnt them. It smelled so bad in the studio but, then again, he was trying to anchor the news.

I took these pictures while he was doing an interview with Q102 about how he is ready for a challenge.

He has been doing the morning show for 17 years, so this is a lifestyle change for him.

It is a good move for all.  We will miss him, but we are so excited for him and the choices they have made at Fox 19 NOW.

The biggest problem we will have in the morning now is who will clean the kitchen?

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