'Butt dialing' becomes major issue for 911 dispatchers

'Butt dialing' becomes major issue for 911 dispatchers

FRANKLIN, OH (FOX19) - Emergency dispatchers who handle 911 calls must deal with urgent situations and frantic callers. But if that's not enough, they're facing another challenge: butt dialing.

Franklin Police Department Chief Chief Whitman said in a Facebook post that during the first two months of 2016, the Franklin Dispatch Center alone has received 487 calls on 911 where there was no caller on the line.

Chief Whitman has a simple message to combat butt dialing: lock-it before you pocket.

The Franklin Police Department shared a comical butt dialing PSA from a Texas police department.

The video shows a 911 dispatcher picking up the phone only to hear a man grunting while doing squats at the gym.

The gist of the video is to show that accidental 911 calls tie up valuable resources for any police agency.

A memo from FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly in 2014 suggested that 50 percent of 911 calls were the result of pocket or butt dialing.

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