Debate over poop trucks on city streets

Little Miami incinerator to close (VIDEO)
(PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/Chris Lower)
(PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/Chris Lower)

HAMILTON COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Time is running out for city and county leaders to come up with a new plan to prevent truckloads of human waste from being hauled throughout Cincinnati.

The EPA has set a March 21st deadline to update the Little Miami waste incinerator on Kellogg Avenue in the East End, or come up with another plan to bring it into compliance.

If that does not happen, the Little Miami incinerator will shut down and all waste in the city will be trucked into the Mill Creek incinerator on Gest Street.

County Commissioner Chris Monzel says $94 million was spent updating the Mill Creek facility to be prepared for the changes, but now he says city leaders don't want to follow through.

"They've kind of reversed that decision and they want to keep it operating because they do not want the trucks that are carrying the waste from the little Miami incinerator to come through the city to the Mill creek incinerator," stated Monzel.

He said they now have just 3 weeks left to come up with an alternate plan and ask the EPA for an extension.

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